Desperately seeking

By clickychick

The Open Window

I was working from home today, editing masses of images. I was feeling quite hot indoors so I opened the window wide. Then I heard a scratching sound!

I know that sound. It was the sound of a squirrel's teeth on a hazelnut. There he was on a garden chair. I got the camera and took some shots. He was well aware that I was watching him.

He finished the nut and, to my great surprise, he came bounding across the path and up the pole to the bird table. Right in front of me!

So, lockdown eases for most on Monday. 6 allowed to meet together outside. Two people I offer help to have no change in their lives. The shielded are still locked down, at least until the end of June.

Lockdown Day 66 Good thing today: Being so close to the red squirrel

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