My Daily Life in Photo's.

By Mothermudd


Today just flew by after a night of nasty dreams I woke late at 8.10am, then once the time hit 9am I was either answering the phone or making calls.
It was 12.45pm before I knew it.
Right now lets make Banana, Coconut & Chocolate Cake.
Then Lunchtime.
Get the cake out of the oven to cool before sprinkling chocolate & nuts. Make the Ice Cream. Prepare the mixture & leave to do it's thing, then put it into the Ice Cream Maker, then it needs to be put into the freezer.
OMG! It's 6pm & I haven't made Dinner!!! Time flies.
So we had the Cake & Ice Cream I've made for pudding & it was delish. :) Yummy!
Make the 

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