One Day

in our dreams.........but not today.

Other shots if you care to look. Yes a new puppy dog with her Mummy in extra shot, our neighbours. We have already offered to help when they can't walk her. So hot today......28C in the shade here and actually that was enough but very enjoyable. Not looking forward to a sweltering tonight though.

Again not much achieved in gardening terms........but we have plenty of time for now and the weather good for a good wee while.

It looked like people were celebrating and that was even heard from our little street. Bigger groups of big boys cycling and lots of people passing our front door where we sat with beer. We so deserved it. Mr AF went for his own walk while I wasted time..........talking to neighbours and messaging family. Our son actually got swimming in the North Sea. He loves getting chilled to the good for you if you can brave it ........... I do about 30 seconds after a shower........Must try harder.  Again about celebrating we could hear a young boys party going on down below our house which is a great place for a party but I don't think they should be. Have to say at their age I would have done exactly the same so I'm not going to critizise. I tried to spray them with a cold hose of water but it didn't quite reach them..............Loved their music though !!!!

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