Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter

Well-behaved in the park

The day began with a surprise. Rita (of best-friends Derek and) had an appointment with a consultant, they were in the neighbourhood, and they wondered if they could stop by for coffee and chat. Of course they could! We'd already spoken about visiting one another when Phase 2 of the Roadmap kicks in on 8th June and we're allowed to travel within 20km of home, so it was great to have a chance of meeting sooner.

Thursday is shopping day, so favourite-cousin Sharon was due to drop off the bags some time before lunch. It was beginning to look as if D & R would be gone by the time S arrived, but things came nicely together and we had a really pleasant overlap. So, a lockdown/cocoon first which broke the routine very nicely indeed.

After the visitors left I got in the car and went to St Anne's Park (where would I be without this wonderful amenity so close to me?). Traffic was noticeably busier, but I managed to get a parking space at the park entrance where the stream and the follies and all that are. My sense of direction isn't the best (to put it mildly), so what started out as an intended short walk turned into a longer-than-planned time among the lush vegetation that covers the area the stream runs through.

At one stage, having asked a fellow exerciser how to get back to the seafront, I came across a wide-open grassy area where groups of people were observing proper social distancing in great style (the space is big enough to allow for this without any bother). Having first headed off away from where I wanted to be I finally realised my mistake and returned to the car after the longest period of exercise I've had since lockdown began — and very enjoyable it was too.

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