Please mum, I want some more!

While washing up my lunch dishes I spotted this juvenile blackbird sitting on my back grass. 

No camera handy so I nipped through to the lounge grabbed the camera and came back to the kitchen window expecting the youngster to be gone ..... it was still there and I don't think it had moved as much as a feather. That large mouth was still open and hoping for a morsel or two.

I think there must be a nest somewhere in the bushes. I have a blackbird that regularly sits on top of the rhododendrons or wanders around at the bottom of the bird feeder hoping to find a seed or two that some of the careless feeders have dropped.

So hot again today ..... I shouldn't complain but it is just too hot for me. Glad I have a fan beside my bed to help keep me cool as the temperatures refuse to drop.

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