The old ways no longer work

Temperature 26C. Bridge of Allan .
Our world is being turned upside down by corvid. So how do we make sense of the changes coming our way – like the biggest recession in 300 years?
Well, two speakers at the Digital Hay Festival view the future with a certain degree of optimism.
Lynda Gratton, and Andrew Scott, both professors at the London Business School said the old way of living –dividing our lives into three stages (1) education  (2) work) and (3) retirement- no longer work.
And the present crisis has accelerated changes already coming our way like working from home.

Education in the future will be an on-going process as we need to up-skill,because technology will make many jobs redundant but at the same time  create new ones and retirement at 65 is an outmoded concept since people are living much longer.

 “We face the biggest recession for 30 years,” said Andrew Scott ” it offers an opportunity to do things differently and we are already seeing signs of that.”

I can’t wait to get my hands on their new book “The new long life”.

Today it’s been another day in the garden listening to Digital Hay- so glad I am the garden and not in a tent sweltering in the heat in Hay.

 Photo: screen grab Lynda Gratton

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