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By Sallymair

Come for coffee...

Today K is on night shift so the girls were in nursery and school so she could get some sleep. Before that though her priority was doing their shopping, the first and last chance she's had all week, then coming round to sit, safely apart, in our garden and have coffee... I made scones too.
It seems strange to welcome her with a wash hand basin and soap rather than a hug but needs must. Thank you God for today's good weather or it couldn't have happened... or perhaps we could have gone to Ocean Terminal....
It was lovely to be able to exchange more than just a few words as she dropped off our shopping, which, like most of us who have obeyed the rules, is what we've had to make do with till now. The scones were good too!
Spent time in the garden today on another glorious day, weeding, potting on and generally enjoying myself.
The extra shows the twelve disappointing French bean plants which arrived today, actually they arrived yesterday but were sent to the wrong address by the supplier.....? Six had lost their growing tips. The other six looked distinctly the worse for wear. I have complained. For a company whose sole business is the supply of plants and seeds this was really poor, they were also three weeks late - that, I can accept is as a result of the Pandemic, but not the poor packaging and condition of the plants on receipt.
We had an extremely good chicken and ham pie from the butchers at Craigie farm for dinner. Well filled and tasty, the butchery there is very good.

Stay safe everybody, keep your distance and follow the rules. The route map is there, let's not take shortcuts. All the medics I know are terrified of a second serious spike.

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