Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

Quiet party

at plume and martin's
first out of lockdown party
a quiet business

It was good to go to Delphine (Plume) and Martin's and (physically distancing) meet a few of their friends (and friends of friends). The weather was so nice we were able to eat outside.

I had great news in the afternoon: Galerie L'Imagerie in Lannion want to exhibit the series I photographed while I was in the physiotherapy centre last summer/autumn. I had a very nice talk with the gallery's art director. I had met him during Frédérique Aguillon's workshop at the centre at the end of September and we had got on well. The exhibition will take place in the centre (one of their satellite exhibition halls is there) by the end of this year. What amazes me is that I will get paid for it! I now have to enquire what sort of status I must have so they can pay me. Also, I have to write a short essay to describe how I came to take photographs of the patients' hands...

Extra: a homage to Sally Mann.

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