Jones Journal

By MeeshJ


B has come home from school full of the joys of spring 2 days on his xbox. H still off school today but it's Brownies trip to the panto, Brown Owl said bring her along it doesn't matter, some of the staff from school are going so they're going to hide her. B disgusted that I've broken my own rules and let her go when she's been off sick.

H has been watching Walk on the Wild Side, human voices put to films of animals. Eddie has been going mad barking at the TV the whole time. One particular animal really ruffled his fluff, some sort of pointy eared squirrel. He launched himself at the TV from the arm of the sofa, skidded a couple of feet, realised he was about to crash into the cupboard, and reared up on his back legs to save himself. A very impressive move.

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