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By Ellisroger

Walsden cottages

It was worth a 10 mile walk to get a photograph of my favourite row of canalside cottages. Plenty of speeding cyclists on the towpath to keep me on my toes.

A first listen today to Laura Cantrell's album "No Way There From Here" on which my favourite track was Can't Wait.

"Naive painting" can be defined as the work of artists with little or no formal training, in matters such as perspective, composition, colour or technique. It was originally ridiculed but, under the influence of the likes of Picasso, became more highly regarded. 

A leading French exponent was Henri Rousseau who had no formal training and worked for most of his life at the Paris tollgates. One of his paintings illustrates this - The Toll House (1890). A more dramatic painting by him was War or The Ride of Discord (1894), featuring a blackened battlefield, stiff and pale bodies and a strange central character - Struwwelpeter, a character from a German Children's story.

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