Aww!!!! My Poppy has popped open today

I think I sprinkled some old seeds around march over this area and then forgot about them. The cats have been digging around there until
 things started to grow like the roses putting out their prickly stems.
I am very happy that since last year have gone organic around the garden last year lots of plants suffered but I carried on to see if as some say you don't need to spray everywhere with chemicals you cant pronounce let nature take care of it.
well this start of summer is showing me a vast amount of butterflies~Bees of all kinds~ yes that will mean I get vast amount of caterpillars ect! and Sawfly  that love to eat every leaf on some particular
Some of my plants are failing but I think that is down to the amount of scorching sun we are having.
what I do have is an abundance of small birds.Tits of all kinds sparrows chatty little things all eating the bugs on my buds, so holding fast is paying off at last, let nature do it's best what it was made for .so no horrible chemical sprays don't want to kill the bee's or the birds.and I don't get itchy rashes either and I am not needing my Asthma pumps so much. extra of my climber that has gone bonkers called Little Seagull from Cant's Rose Nursery in Colchester....
 Hope your all well and safe my blippers......... 

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