... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Seven Islands Pond: Sweetest Sleepy Golden Gosling

More strokeable in large.
Gosling fleeing the flapping goose
All 27 goslings and 6 parents
Flapper in flotilla
Entering the dappled forest light

I took a few macro and flash shots early in the morning (looking for the ruby-tailed wasp, but not finding it), but didn't upload most of those because Mum and Im and I went to Seven Islands Pond to see the goslings &c., and I took far too many photos there... The three pairs of parents with gosling creche still had all 27 goslings, but I think that the separate brood (with the oldest goslings) was missing one. Mother mallard still had all five mallardlings...

Others here (or right from Spider in curving web)

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