By Ogatodomar


When I first joined the Scotch Malt Whisky Society about 15 years ago, you paid the membership fee &  every bottle you bought knocked £5 off the fee for the next year. That meant if you bought more than 12 bottles, the following year's membership was free!

Not any more!!

Their bottles used to be simple, sober & tasteful, but to celebrate their 25th anniversary they had them re-designed  - result - something more suitable for Amaretto?

Then they changed their logo from sobriety to drunkenness & badly stylized thistles - see the wee bronze lapel badges + the two bottles in the extra... I could start on their ghastly glossy magazine, "Unfiltered", but I'd better get off the high horse - marketing - grrrrrrrrr!

Don't get me wrong - the contents of the tasteless bottles is invariably deliciously entertaining & a meal at the Vaults in Leith is a great pleasure - the staff are charming, helpful & full of whisky knowledge

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