There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Iris Honorabile

Last summer, I divided my irises. A friend of mine saw my photos of the dividing process on Facebook, and she and I ended up exchanging iris rhizomes through the mail. She sent me two kinds/sizes of rhizomes. One was quite large, much bigger than my own irises. The other type was rather small.

Both varieties she sent me opened this week. The bigger one, I have not shown you pictures of yet. What you see above is the smaller one: Honorabile, an iris variety dating back to the 1840s. I thought it looked pretty fancy, against the darkness of the shady area behind it.

The song to go with this picture has to be something special. I can hear Chrissie Hynde singing the lyrics: Special, so special. . . . So here is the song: The Pretenders, with Brass in Pocket.

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