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By HarlingDarling

Garden party

We had a lovely time in the garden, in the sunshine, with friends. I dreamt last night that 30 people turned, I knew no-one and there were a lot of Rumanians carrying big bags of stuff. I was given a purple jacket, shiny. It snowed, which wasn't great weather for a garden party, and it turned to rain... shelter was hard to find and then I remembered I'd forgotten to bake any scones.At that point I woke myself up, enough is enough.

Got up at 8 and worked on the scones, made a triple batch just in case. It took us most of the morning to get ready and bake things, it was so lovely to take it slowly and gradually ferry things outside. Keith baked his incredibly complicated chocolate sourdough bread and it was fabulous! That was instead of a birthday cake, and much better. I laid the tables with Joan's silver cutlery, our favourite 70s china, a cloth that was 100 years old, embroidered in India (one of Nana's brothers was in the army there), a cloth Mum embroidered in so many colours, all done absolutely perfectly, plus a cloth Keith's Mum gave us. That felt really right, on Swedish mother's day.

Robbie drove the town-dwellers out, and stayed for a while before driving off to pack for his drive north with furniture etc for his flat. My Goddaughter went home with her brother, her parents and Rose could get stuck into the white wine as Robbie the chauffeur would be collecting them all later. A treat for all of them.

It was so lovely to socialise outside in the sunshine, and to be able to behave sensibly, following the current recommendations. There were no bothersome insects, the shade worked, the sun worked, the scones were just right, the bread was brilliant. I feel so happy to have had this really perfect day! Lasse and Annika came from Sundsvall with their dog Mika, who had the chance to get used to a bigger crowd of unknown humans. The townies left and Ann and Mats, our closest-living friends, arrived. It was all very relaxed and everyone had lots to say, lots to listen to. 

There were presents, despite me saying I didn't need any. A beautiful crystal ball, a scented white rose bush, a lovely tray with serviettes to match and cheese to go on it,  and and a fitbit! Blimey! No time today for yoga or church or sitting still or resting, so I have retreated to lounge on the bed in the evening sun, and read your blips - and land. Of course we cleared up and put things away, washed up and froze the rest of the bread and scones before flopping In my case. My love is off for a swift walk to the lake and back. I've already cleaned my teeth ready for bed. 

The weather forecast has improved for my actual birthday on Wednesday, sunny but nippier at 15 degrees. I think we made the right choice!

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