By biddy

Old photos!

I have been looking through old photos recently to send to the grandchildren.
I could have posted this one in May, had I found it then. I am on the right with the two bedraggled bows in my hair. 
The girl next to me and the one 4th from the right were my close childhood friends. We used to take the broom handle, maypole, with a stool for our "May Queen" to sit on, through the surrounding few streets and dance. I thought it was the bees knees! 
Still keep in touch with these two friends after 67 years! 
The street is the one where I was born and lived with my parents and sister, till we moved to a 3 bed council house when I was 13 years old.
My dad was still living there after 79 years. He was a widower for 22 years after my mum died aged 70.           

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