Castle Sands

This little stretch of beach under the castle was a favourite of mine for a long time, but over the past 8-10 years it’s got dirtier & dirtier with broken glass etc too. I guess the past two months (& several very high tides) has given it a chance to recover As quite a lot of people were lying on it today, even a few brave souls in for a swim! Brrrr....
We did a rubbish skip run then some shopping at Balgove then drove down to the Scores and had a gentle walk down to the harbour. Busiest I’ve seen it for months, one family pushing past people like they weren’t there, everyone else being socially distant. Tad, bad back again, saw a music friend & his wife so we had a good chat with them, very enjoyable, then an ice cream & wandered back.
I cut his hair yesterday by the way, it looks fine. Whew!
Jim has now got a big leg brace, no op., & hopes to get home tomorrow. I said to Anne, “Are you going to tie him down?”, She says she has plenty of rope ;-)
The extra is the new arrangement for coffee at Balgove, we like it.

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