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By ajt

Dilapidated mono

For the last few weeks I've been working late everyday to get stuff done. On Friday I more or less completed the last task and the filled up the day with some internal stuff. Today I had nothing to do, so I was scrapping around for bits and bobs, chasing down old tickets, moving things along and other general admin that we can't bill customers with. There are things to do but they aren't approved yet, which is always annoying when it happens like this.

For today's mono Monday challenge I wandered around the house and the garden, and tried a few things, but in the end the later afternoon sun on these old packing crates, looking rather dilapidated won. It's fairly impromptu, I was actually taking a picture of a rose and when I turned round it was there staring at me. It's been processed in Rawtherapee with the Ilford HP5 Plus filter, I did add some grain but it didn't work with this image so I've left it as-is.

The quote to repoint the west wall of the house, rebuild the chimney stack and remove the fireplace indoors to put in a modern pellet stove came in today, I'll not be taking early retirement anytime soon. When we have done this the east wall will also need doing too, but that's for another day...!

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