Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

New Month

Wow. June already. I'm not sure what to make of this year!

I woke today feeling quite unwell. Pain in my back and tummy, argh. G made me a cup of tea and I eventually emerged just after 10. What she didn't tell me was she felt quite bad too but was able to function.

I finally bit the bullet today and decided something has to be done about my hair. I got in touch with my hairdresser. She now has two days off in the week; one of them is today. So, with a bit of quick thinking... I reckoned this could work in my favour. I asked her if she still visits people in their homes to do their hair? Answer: Yes! So by 12:30, she was with me and by 2:30, I was looking my normal self. What a relief.

I haven't been out today, so took the flame tree has come to the rescue again... I'm trying to capture how complex its flower is. One is pointing right at me, so I'm nearly on full zoom here.

We had a good Zoom call with Rachel in the evening, to discuss the format and content of the Summer Fun Club that G is planning for the kids. We're all going to be around in the summer, so we might as well learn/do something useful. :)

It's so sad to see the riots taking place in US cities. :(

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