Have Camera Will Travel

By cathy1947

The birds the birds.

Today in the garden was like a scene from the birds, the starlings we’re going crazy, squawking and generally making a racket, poor Stanley didn’t know where to look, Monty was  as laid back as usual. Mrs blackbird wasn’t having them sharing her bath on the waterfall either, so she saw them off.

Birds seemed to be the theme of the day, on our walk in the quarry we saw a buzzard over head and so did the crows and they shooed him off,

We were having a nice peaceful walk home over the green when we heard an almighty explosion, we later found out it was a sonic boom from a Eurofighter typhoon flying along the Yorkshire coast.

This evening after dinner on the deck we have been watching the live web cam of the ospreys at Loch Arkaig,

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