By Picturemull


Did a pharmacy run swop and then painted the front and back doors.  Good drying weather and good thinking time.

The inevitable unfolding of hoards of people flocking to beauty spots is feeding into the Cummings/Boris plan to shift the blame on to the public and away from Westminster.  Lambs & hoggets to slaughter.  Very predictable and very depressing. But I am aware of the beautiful bubble the likes of us on Mull live in and wonder what I would have done if I lived in a gardenless flat in a city.  People are desperate to return to 'normal' when there wasn't ever really a 'normal' and it is unlikely things will ever be quite like they were pre-Covid.  

And then there's what is happening in the US ........  Kendallishere gave a link to an excellent video from Trevor Noah on one of her posts, well worth watching.  

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