By joolsfoto

Day 18

i’ve given in, wide wednesday is going to always be fisheye wednesday :-)

Lovely flat light this morning in the garden and lots of exciting things happening - the mullein moth caterpillars are eating the giant mulleins that have self seeded, the ladybirds are finally attacking the aphids on my roses, clematis and foxglove coming out more and loads of lovely bees.

My favourite “colourful” rose - rosa mutabilis - starts off a peachy orange then “mutates” to lipstick pink and finally a deep cerise before dropping its petals.  It’s also an open rose good for pollinators and flowers furiously.

Strangely, blip has rotated my images during upload today and i can’t work out how to fix it, so I’m going with the flow - maybe it’s an improvement.......?

Hoping to rescue my camera

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