By jac1954

One of my home grown lady birds

And she/he is nestling upon a rose petal for his/her bed
I wonder hoe fabulous that could be, the scent alone must be a marvelous experience on it's own don't you think my Blippers.
Extra of a pink a white one lol. that descends back to 1965 it belonged to a lovely gentleman I had the pleasure to work for for 15 years I had the misfortune to find him almost dead hanging by a thread but alas he did not make it , A neighbor had rung me to say that his tv had been blaring away since Wednesday and it was now Sat,so went round the neighbor and I went in to find him on the floor paramedic tried for 3/4 of an hour. bless him he was almost 102. but I digress this pink he told me came from a garden center and he always had his whole front garden full of the cuttings he took right till the end. so when he had died I took a cutting of the pink. It is called Alan Titchmarsh .
So I feel duty bound to carry this plant on till I am gone beautiful scent but they just won't stand up.

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