Such a change from the last few weeks with temperatures around 10 degrees C lower than yesterday, but very welcome rain.

I blipped this pigeon on the fence around 6 pm. He was more fluffed up than this from time to time and looked very miserable. Perhaps his mate has kicked him off the nest.

I don't mind that it's darker and a bit miserable. The walks I've had with Basil have made me realise just how much we need this wet. Unfortunately, I don't think we're going to get enough of the wet stuff in the English Midlands.

Started the day by taking Basil to Nan for his second grooming of lockdown. He had been moping about. He was so much more hungry today as well. He goes off his food in the heat.

I took advantage of his absence to go shopping at Tesco. Wine supplies needed replenishing. Hardly anyone was taking notice of the one way system. Bit difficult when you only want to visit certain aisles and are interested in primarily one product.

They had peonies! And gypsophilia! And coloured tulips, all of which I added to my trolley. Photos coming.

Collected Basil but wasn't up to a walk having trudged round the supermarket for an hour or so.

Put the flowers into vases and made some chocolate chip cookies for the gang who are coming tomorrow morning. We're not supposed to wine and dine them but surely they can have cookies and tea?

Gareth at 5.30pm. Have finally found the Facebook group and realised how much I'd missed out on, but then, I think this has all been a big promotional exercise for Gareth and the engineers and producers will choose what they broadcast. Don't expect to see me on BBC2.

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