All part of the story

By Treshnish

Marking lambs in lockdown

Marking the Cheviot and Herdwick lambs today.  DG came over to help.  They wore masks in the fank and sat at an appropriate distance during their tea break.  The scanning numbers were out by a few but still a good number of lambs from both lots.  Coco looks miserable as I told her to sit to stop her scavenging unsavoury things from the shed floor.

I had a productive day in the office. While I didn't finish any one task, I progressed on 3.

Today would have been my maternal grandmother Rachel's birthday and also my paternal 'Babcia' Helena's birthday - not his mother but the aunt who brought my father up. Rachel died at home in Angus in 1971 in her 80s, and Helena died at home in Poronin in 1997 in her 90s.  I salute them both.  

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