Yankee Peso

Last day of the month. So far done nothing exciting at work this year - lots of meetings and tail chasing - soon I'm hoping a nice EDI project will really begin...

On the way home today I spotted a shiny penny outside the bank in the village. I picked it up to discover it's not a small but useful piece of local currency but it's some worthless foreign stuff... It's actually a fairly shiny and new US 1 cent coin, also confusingly called a penny. The mint date is 1996 so where ever it has been since it was issued it's not been in much general circulation as it's still very bright.

Today's blip is the 1 cent coin. The design is the 1959-2008 Lincoln Memorial design, I believe the blob in the dead centre is where Lincoln's statue is in the real building. Apparently the coin is mostly made of zinc with a copper coating to make it look like the older coins made from copper. Like many small coins the world over it costs more to make than it's worth and it's metal value is very similar to it's face value.

My toe is feeling much better today.

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