By LornaL

A reference for Lorna's father: Major L

Remarks of Reporting Officer

I regard Major L as one of the most efficient officers I have had under my command since the war began. To ability he adds thoroughness, and to thoroughness, tact. His capacity for command is made evident by the smartness and all round efficiency of his company.

This is a certified copy of a reference for Lorna’s father Albert. The author is a Lieutenent Colonel of the Royal Army Service Corps Highland District. Dated 30th December 1918, the copy was marked ‘confidential’ . It was sent to Lorna’s father to an address in Stirling.

This document helps us to make sense of the studio portait of Lorna and her brother Theo that we posted on 6th April 2020: the family was in Scotland when Lorna was three years old due to a military posting of her father.

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