Plus ça change...

By SooB

Coy Joey

The rabbits are loving that TallGirl has put a big blanket on the floor - they find the wooden boards a bit slippy. This is part of our scheme to get a rug in there without Mr"I hate rugs"B noticing.... He is tolerating the blanket because it's not a rug, but perhaps when we switch he won't notice....

Gardening: more compost processing, and securing the security wire around the henhouse extension, then off to work while the sky helpfully dealt with the watering I didn't have time for.

Lots of French admin and tax stuff this afternoon, and then poetry reading (we all coped, though CarbBoy had neither chosen a poem nor practised, so had one chosen for him). The West Wing and then, perfectly timed, my old schoolfriend Tara called for a chat. They're coming to see us in July which will, rather shockingly, be the first time she has met the kids!

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