By Bella888

I can’t breathe

Early walk.  Met friend‘s mum for a  brief chat in garden  Her son has just acquired a large allotment, complete with a plum tree, have put in a request for tomatoes.  Sat on balcony and had a late lunch  Texts and calls. Dinner.

Now nearly 22:00 and another late blip (for Ingeborg’s Abstract Thursday)  We passed this camper van on our walk.  Sadly relevant message on the window.  That video of unfortunate George Flloyd lingers in my mind. Stop the killing........ blacks ....... whites, Arabs, Jews ... be nice to each other (sweet dreams - will never happen will it). 

Mr B seems to be suggesting if I make him a face-mask he’ll wear it.  Well as I have a small and large (been playing around with sizes), he can have the latter for the moment.  

They announced masks will be mandatory on public transport from June 15. Expect a mad scramble to buy the. Maybe now more will wear them as they become commonplace. 

In extras, 2 photos of the Art Deco buildings I referred to yesterday, for those who are interested. 

Good Night

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