By EgyptUnveiled

Scarf man!

I planned (And dreaded) a 'Quick visit' to Luxor this morning, as there were some essential, things I needed to do there, that I am not able to do on this side. I say dreaded, as I felt a little queasy and the centre of Luxor is not the quietest place!

But...I did what I had to do and found myself in 'Gold Street' An amazing back street, that has the contents of the store, displayed in the window. Row upon row of gold bangles, diamonds, necklaces, ear-rings, a totally delicious assortment of goodies!

Despite the situation here in Egypt, I was pleasantly surprised to see the assistants, very busy and exchanging money for the jewellery. Women huddled together, as they tried on various pieces, how wonderful to be able to chose from this incredibly ornate and exquisite selection!

I didn't pur-chase any gold sadly, instead I popped next door and bought a scarf (Which I don't need as I have a very healthy collection already!) from Isham, slightly cheaper, but equally sparkly of course!

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