By scotguide


Low temperature this morning! OnLy 5 degrees early doors! brrr! It’s That north wind again !

Tootled over to the local Garden centre this morn, appointment only, I love this bridge over the River Earn ......Kinkell Bridge built with the lovely rose coloured local sandstone, not much water in the Earn at the moment unlike in February!

Filled up with bird seed too, the garden birds are so busy feeding their youngsters!

Planted a few budding plants in troughs, it’s very blustery! Will finished the others tomorrow,

Friday night is Quiz night it’s my fellow guides’s a giggle and not too much brain power required!

It’s a strange world we are living in at the moment!

The more research that’s done about this virus’s a very odd, sneaky and sinister virus!

A decent day indeed!

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