Copper Shimmer Balayage

Cut and Colour Madam ? If only..............!

I daren't let Mr AF at it or goodness knows what will happen although it couldn't be much worse than it is now. 

We took an earlier walk after a quiz with the two worthies (see second shot) to see these rare sheep at the farm. They are called North Ronaldsay and they are being bred here at the farm. They eat seaweed when they are at home. I've taken quite a liking to them and their lovely wooly coats. They come in quite a few colours and have beautiful eyes.

The weather was rubbish today.....cold and heavy drizzle and rain. I did not mind as I was very very tired and slept on the couch in the afternoon. I seem to have gained a few more concerns apart from Covid and Mr AF's condition but I will forget about everything and concentrate on doing things and no doubt everything will come out in the wash as my mother used to say.

Mr AF made a great Persian meal and luckily we had all the right ingredients including Pomegranate Molasses

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