By Porkybrown

Off to Work no more

The path this couple are treading has been in use for a very long time now. In the late 19th and first half-ish of the 20th century it was the daily route taken by men and women from the village of Great Bowden into Market Harborough to work. The Symington's Corset Factory, I believe, employed women mainly (the company was bought by Courtaulds in 1967 I've just read) - Symingtons also had the 'Soup Factory' or Coffee Mills where dried foods of various sorts were produced. There were breweries in the town too, a tannery, a tyre manufacturer and many smaller businesses which provided employment 'way back'.

The path was tarmacced (is that the right word/spelling?) at one point, presumably to make the route more foot friendly in the winter months. Traces of the surface are still there. The route was honoured through later 20th C housing developments and runs outside our door (it's because of this that we live on a 'walk' rather than a road). It's now a leisure footpath across the fields, much used by the locals. Beware of the Bull, though, as the incumbent farmer is rather lax about warning notices!

The extra is a shy foal who decided to hide behind a fence where we couldn't see him/her! 

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