Baby one more Time

Meet Pudding! YAY!! Been waiting for this. No guesses why I've named her that. One of two baby Woodpeckers here in the garden that have fledged - brought up on the peanuts here with the valiant work of both parents. Still it continues. Dad is shepherding this little one, constantly feeding  keeping me on my toes. I've been running up and down stairs, camera akimbo,  trying to keep up with the feeding stations the little one has chosen. 

I'd closed all the doors as it was rainy and windy then had to carefully slide nearly all of them open again, following the vagaries of perch! This was shot through the double glazing upstairs but photoshop was my friend taking out much of the reflections. Isn't she lovely!

My last 2 evenings have been spent in my bird hide. I am feeding my foxes and they are just stunning. Have seen them on the Trail Cam and security cams  but actually sitting sooo very close in the still of the night was utterly magical. I got a couple of shots with the flash but couldn't really focus all that well. Not a huge success - I need to befriend a proper cameraman as U-tube isn't being all that helpful. 

Oh and I unfortunately frightened the living daylights out of our hedgehog ...oops 

Feeling very privileged

My flying Green spotted Woodpecker of June 4th has been chosen for the 'BBC Springwatch Group' banner today  so am feeling a bit chuffed with that.

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