... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Seven Islands Pond: Peaceful Preener

Even more strokeable (apparently) in large (/up close)
Canada geese and goslings
Little dinosaur
Golden sipper
Fuzzy flotilla
Little flap
Gosling Pilates

Mum and I went to Seven Islands Pond to see the goslings; the creche of three broods still have 24 (27 last time), while the brood of larger goslings are now starting to show their Canada goose facial patterning.
The "Gosling Pilates" gosling (extra) came right over to investigate me and I stroked it several times on its soft downy side while it tried to get the (imaginary) food out of my lens, which was exhilarating/heartwarming.
Im was busily preparing for the arrival of her pet rats which she's been separated from throughout all of this... She saw her mother, and a rat delivery was part of their socially distanced get together. I imagine that they'll feature here very soon!

Today's other pond shots are here (or right from Moorhenlings both want the morsel)

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