Capturing my Journey

By healingdoglady

The dogs

My gran passed away peacefully in her sleep last night. She always loved the dogs they made her so happy and she would talk and talk about and to them with such enthusiasm. One of my fondest memories is not long after she moved to Mull when we were living in the caravan at my parents house. It was winter 2010 I think the very snowy one. We had had a lot of snow it had melted a bit to create an ice skating rink on the steep driveway. We had all been invited round to friends of family for an archery competition. My gran wanted to come and since we couldn't get the vehicles up the driveway we devised a plan to get her down to the vehicles at the bottom. This involved my gran on a sledge. My dad with his full climbing crampons on a rope attached to him and said sledge. He slowed the decsent. She cheered and smiled all the way down!!

"To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die." ~ Thomas Campbell

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