My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu

Say what?

"As of Monday 15th June, face coverings will become mandatory on public transport."
I won't be travelling by public transport then....

Whilst I understand what the government are trying to do to mitigate against the number of people who might use public transport, and to give reassurance to people, I have considerable reservations about the idea. Quite apart from the limited protection 'face coverings' give and the false sense of security they might bring is the effect on the deaf and hearing impaired population of the country.
Many deaf people already feel a sense of exclusion and isolation. Many can't drive and so rely heavily on public transport. Many rely on lip patterns and facial expressions to understand what is being said to them. Taking that away from them is even more isolating and frustrating.
This mandated face coverings is unlikely to stop at public transport and could well expand to shops and supermarkets and other places it may be necessary to engage in conversation. To people like my brother who have little to no hearing this will be akin to removing a means to communicate. I already worry about how isolated he is because of this.

It was a horrible first day back at work anyway with 160 unexpected community antibody tests received, following a communication from the CCG, that we were told had to be processed and sent for testing...I even donned a labcoat for the first time in 5 months to help out.

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