By Hillyblips

Tiger Eyes

I cannot start today's blip without giving everyone a huge - no - massive thank you for the extraordinary amount of hearts, stars and comments on yesterday's owl picture spot-lighting and being on the front of the favourites page. Totally stunned by it all but obviously very very thrilled - quite over-whelmed really!!

This is a Great Horned Owl otherwise known as a Tiger Owl probably because it has stripes and fabulous big round yellow eyes which drew me to him instantly. Found on my owl quest today, when, with it being such a stunning day, I went to Newent to the Falconry Centre to see the birds of prey.

Gorgeous plumage, talons that could do ferocious damage and eyes to die for, with little russet tufts, not actually horns, on his head. Rather glad there was no-one in my vicinity when having tried finger clicks, tut-tutting and little kissing sounds to get it's attention to no avail I surreptitiously started hoo-hooing. Bingo! It really liked the hoo-hooing and hoo- hooed back - result!!! A bit of a Dr Doolittle moment going on there! Anyone watching would have laughed their socks off. Looking me straight in the eye or rather the lens I got today's shot!

A happy bunny here - woo hoo!!!

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