Deb and I took a run round Derwentwater this morning. Quite near to Ashness landing stage we ran past this load of litter. After we got home and showered, we got some bin bags and returned to clear it up. We found about 2Kg of onion waste, potatoes, flour, toothpaste box, beard oil, plastic bottles and paper plates.

It makes me livid why people can come to such a wonderful area to enjoy it's beauty, and leave so much rubbish behind them! PLEASE take it away!

I haven't even commented on burned grass from disposable barbecues - especially when everything is as dry as a tinderbox. Let alone the barbecues being left behind. I've even seen the coals dumped in dry grass!

Sorry about the moan, I'm sure it's not just me that gets cross over this kind of behaviour, and I know it's not just restricted to the Lakes, but is a country wide problem.

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