By Ronniebofa

Weight loss journey progress report 07062020

Weekly progress report: objective achieved and more
Starting weight (25 May 2018 = 273lb)
Today’s weight = 189.2 lb
Average weight last week = 189.2 lb
Average weight this week = 188.9 lb
Weight loss this week = 0.3 lb
Note: I weigh every day first thing and calculate weight loss based on average weight for the week.

Week 11 of the lockdown and I am recording a weight loss of 0.3 lb for the week. More than delighted with this since my objective for the week was standstill and this has been more than achieved with a small loss. Signs are also good for next week with today’s weight 1.2 lb lighter than last Sunday’s.
The allotments and my garden are still my only form of exercise so long may the good weather continue. A spell of bad weather would have me struggling to burn off the calories I consume!!
My vegetable loaded meals in the evening are very green at the moment with the allotments supplying an over abundance of Spinach, mixed greens and spring onions. How many ways can you cook spinach? I am having green omelettes every morning and at least 400g steamed spinach with garlic and chopped spring onions every night. Anyone have some spinach recipes that don’t involve white carbohydrate ingredients?

Next week goal is another small loss in weight. If the weather holds and I can avoid too many treats and empty calories I should be able to achieve it.

I hope you all have had a good week and that you are keeping safe and fit in these uncertain times. I also hope that the lockdown is not having too much of a detrimental effect on your scales. Keep positive and safe.

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