By SteinJ


No fear, $-Jay is back.  My twin brother appeared this morning and took me (us) by surprise (how on earth did he get across the boarder).  The Covid-19 situation has been bit of an obstacle to his evolving hip hop to reggaeton career, but also an inspiration.  It has inspired his new artistic look, which is scary enough, and I'm not sure if I really want to find out how it has inspired his music...

I decided not to quote him this time.  I actually could not.  He's never been easy to understand, but with this gear on, it was impossible. 

I huge thank you to all of you who still stop by with comments, stars and even a fav from time to time.  By contribution to you has been rather scarce in recent years.  Finally, I cannot miss the opportunity to greet my Blip Godfather, barrioboy, who got me going on this wonderful adventure in Brazil some 3.000 days ago.

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