By Picturemull

Pride and Joy

Wasn't sure whether to give it this title or 'Therapy' as both apply.  Being able to spend much more time in the garden is a Covid silver lining.  For the first time since 2002 we've actually been able to grow a decent number of things.  Have had to be imaginative with containers - got lots of potatoes in dog food and other sacks (in the garden), the courgettes bottom right are in R's old plastic sandpit and there are cucumber plants in the old cat basket bottom left, strawberry plants in the box top left, tomatoes in various including an old washing up bowl.  Our outside beds survived the winds from the last few days and am using M's homebrew dregs for slug traps.  I do hope we are successful in getting a decent amount of veg this year. The first thing I do in the morning is go and check everything, practically patting the plants!

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