From the top of the North Downs (Again)

The best of the day was again first thing this morning with sunshine and a cool breeze and good views. By the time we'd arrived home and had breakfast there was more cloud than blue.

It turned out to be a lovely morning in other ways as our friends Bob and Sue came over for a quick visit. First people we've had here since the lockdown. One of the first time Sue has been out as she's a transplant patient and has been in lockdown since the start. Bob had had my petrol strimmer for a while as I couldn't get it to go even though it was brand new (don't ask why I didn't do anything while under the three year guarantee). He got it to work and made use of it in his own garden and most of their street by the sound of it and thought it was time to get it back.

Sue came for the ride and we had a very pleasant couple of hours catch up sitting in the sometimes draughty, sometimes warmer garden. I hope we'll be able to meet people indoors when autumn and winter arrive. The last time we saw them was dinner at their place on 6th March. A whole lot has happened since then.

Of all the shots today, this was my favourite. It was a close run thing as one of a footpath running through the waving barley and then on up the Downs was a close second. I like this because of the variety of textures from the wilder field margins with poppies, the great patterns in the barley and then the cemetery like appearance of the new vineyard (owned by Nyetimber Vinyards - first I've heard of them too). Beyond is Detling and Maidstone and on the far horizon is the low ground of the Medway Gap (with the Weald of Kent behind) where the river has made a course through the higher ground of the Greensand Ridge.

The afternoon was rounded off with a FaceTime chat with Chris in California and a bit of a look at Landon who was sat in the back seat of the car. He was in good form, lots of giggling and laughing. A real little boy now at 2 years and 8 months. He'll be back at daycare on 17th June which will relieve Chris of his demanding childcare duties. We had a high five when he reached 10 after counting from 1!

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