Note to brain

If you do bobbin lace you will know that it must be done everyday or you will loose it.
Well you know the blanket I am making with Ophelia talks crochet. It’s a bit like Blip my Blippers. Only instead of photos you do a crocheting project together. All over the world fabulous I do not think I would be where I am without the people that subscribe. If you do it wrong there is another in another country to help and it really helps. So bobbin lace why ?Well there is a label on this blanket and my brain thought it would be good to make a bobbin lace edging to the label :-( well I have not done this for 2 years because of my hand ops. Then work. Excuses I know so I thought I can do this. But I can’t:-( that’s the rub. But I have tomorrow to look on u tube so not beaten yet. Eh!!

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