Marking Time

By Libra

Those were the days

Remember the days before BC (before coravirus) when you invited friends around for drinks and even dinner parties?

That seems years ago in the “new normal”, AC (After coravirus).
So I flipped open our drinks cabinet and brought out some bottles. Some were over ten years old,  or even longer. So many people no longer drink hard spirits and liqueurs and with the drink -driving regulations even fewer drink alcohol now.
So our drinks cupboard has become an art installation of times past. 
The most unusual bottle we have is some Ukrainian vodka, given to us two Ukrainian students hosted for Christmas some twenty years ago.
(It’s lethal.)
 Many are gifts from friends and relatives from their travels like the  bottle of a modern Speyside whisky, Trutina, from some American visitors.
I did sample it out of politeness but to be honest one whisky tastes just like another. I only take it when I think I’ve got a cold coming on and I dose myself up with it along with lemon juice water hot water and sugar. And it always works.

Thanks to Laurie  for today’s mono Monday challenge “bar”.

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