Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Coniston lights

From the promenade below Storth, as we near the longest day, the sun is setting almost directly behind the notched peak of the Old Man of Coniston.  It was a still evening, and the crepuscular rays were reflecting in the estuary, I don't recall seeing that so clearly before.  While the lockdown is distinctly relaxing as people begin to move about more, this is still a remarkably peaceful place to come and watch the sunset.  Even the drone that was being flown was quiet and was soon lost to sight and sound in the distance.

It was a quiet busy day, another day without rain, lots of watering and planting on the allotment.  We have been eating our first new produce of the season, the lettuces are doing well without the usual onslaught of slugs. The tall peas are growing well after their early set back, and the french beans that were burned off by the wind are recovering.  The Phacelia is attracting huge numbers of bumblebees, the narrow remaining strip had at least 50 bees feeding on it at any one time.  As we get to this time in the season, many of the bees seem exhausted from their long working days, they are slow to move, and many overnight on the flowers.

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