Orange Hawkweed - (pilosella aurantiaca)

12°C  -  Feels like 10°C  -  10 mph SSE Wind Speed  -  13 mph Gusts  -  Cloudy.  The Hawkweed is at its best at the moment  -  in my gravel anyway☺  I have it in all its varieties and stages.  On the left is the real Fox-and-Cubs image where there is a cluster of blooms at the end of the stem, and on the right is one with a single bloom and alongside it a plant with a cluster of Hawkweed about to bloom.  It has other names like Tawny Hawkweed or Devil’s Paintbrush, and is a hardy perennial herb that used to be used in lung and asthma conditions. It was brought to Britain from Europe in the 17th Century as a garden plant. I’m happy to have it in my garden, but how it got here is a mystery!

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