Tiny ..........

 .............. Tuesday263   (TT263)  -  with thanks to Trisharooni for hosting this month.

Just a thistle (I'm ashamed to say) in the garden  ........  it's in a part we haven't got round to yet - honest!!

Smile for the Day:

A blonde walks into her doctor's office.

" Doc, I hurt all over  "  she complains.

She touches herself on the leg and winces  " ouch, I hurt there "
She touches her earlobe  " ouch, I hurt there too "
She touches her hair  " ouch, even my HAIR hurts "

" What is wrong with me doctor?  Is it something serious? "

The doctor looks at her and says  " You've got a broken finger ..... "

Boom boom!


~ Anni ~

Apologies to all blondes, natural or otherwise!!!!!!!   :o)))

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