Hilbre Island

A long awaited break for somewhere different today.

Being the last of the hot days we set off to do a walk out to Hilbre Island a tidal island just off the coast of The Wirral. We've been meaning to do it for years but tide times, daylight and other things have meant we never got around to it.

When we got to West Kirby my flight instinct (not a new one I've always been the same with large amounts of people) almost kicked in as it was rammed with people heading to the beach. However I found a parking place relatively easily and we decided to give it a go. In these days of packed beach photos being used as political capital (and usually with a telephoto foreshortening the shot anyway) it was great to see little clumps of families all well spaced out over the beach.

After we had made our way through the initial scrum it soon thinned our and we enjoyed (the more modest than expected (about 5 mile)) round walk. The island itself was closed when we got there due to the dreaded virus but the rocks and pools were lovely. It does give us an excuse to return in more normal times as well.

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