By mollymay49

A few pics from Fremantle

A very quiet Freo than we are used to seeing, we haven't taken a drive down here since lockdown was imposed in March, there were a few cafes that are still closed some looked to be closed indefinitely, the Markets are still not open i guess social distancing would be an issue there?
A few things were going on on the foreshore, the FREO sign has only just been put there, the Bon Jovi statue has been taken away for renovation, he was  Fremantle boy and was seen often busking on the streets of Fremantle back in the day, his statue is coming back we were reassured from one of the construction workers working on the site.
The Town Hall is still looking good, the young police women on horseback were drawing a crowd, they were happily chatting to a few young ones which i think the police need to do more often, nice to see Fremantle so peaceful. 

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